Current Production

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Oaks - (Quercus)

  1. Shumard Oak 
  2. Nuttall Oak   
  3. Sawtooth Oak 
  4. Willow Oak 
  5. Chinkapin Oak 
  6. Pin Oak  

Maple - (Acer)

  1. Red Maple 
  2. Flame Amur Maple - acer ginnala 
  3. Tatar Maple - acer tataricum 
  4. Oliver's Maple - acer oliverianum 
  5. Silver Maple 
  6. Japanese Maple - greenleaf and red

Other Species in production:

Crape Myrtle - Natchez, Muskogee, red, pink 

Chinese Pistache 

Bald Cypress

​Eastern Red Cedar

Italian Cypress

River Birch

Ginkgo (Maidenhair) Tree

American Elm

Zelkova Serata

Eastern Redbud 

Live Oak 

Black Gum


Miscanthus - Adagio 

Pink Muhly 

Liriope - big blue

Mexican Feathergrass 

Special Note:

Species listed may be available, depending on size, Call to check on those species and quantities.

Some trees and grasses may have been grown in recycled containers/liners. 

All pricing is FOB in Bigelow, Arkansas, 72016. 

Phone 501-514-5725. Fax: 501-759-3021


this information subject to change without notice